Robohaat-Industrial robots are on the verge of revolutionizing manufacturing. As they become smarter, faster and cheaper, they’re being called upon to do more.
Scenes from China’s quest to dominate the robotic future: At startup E-Deodar, a human-looking droid serves coffee to employees who are building $15,000 industrial bots that are about a third cheaper than foreign brands and are being used to automate assembly lines across the Pearl River Delta manufacturing hub.

Robotics Market Surges 32%

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Robohaat Blog-Robots ordered by automotive component suppliers were up 53% while orders by automotive OEMs increased 32%. Growth also continued in non-automotive industries with increases in arc welding (102%), coating & dispensing (64%), and spot welding (36%) applications..
Robohaat Blog- Programmable robot is an automatic device that performs functions normally ascribed though programs or remote control. These are the programmable robotic kits and can range from a simple remote-controlled to PC-controlled robots and also from simple wheeled robots to complex robots such as humanoids.