Package 1 Atal Tinkering lab ( 60 Students )


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Package 1: Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors

Arduino UNO or equivalentAtmega328P – 8 bit AVR family microcontroller , equivalent or better.Operating voltage:5V Digital I/O Pins:14(of which 6 provide PWM output) PWM digital I/O Pins:6 Accessories:Case shell enclosure,compatible USB cable(Length-6inch or more)30
Arduino Nano or equivalentAtmega328P – 8 bit AVR family microcontroller , equivalent or better.Operating voltage:5V Digital I/O Pins:14(of which 6 provide PWM output) Analog Input Pins:8 Accessories:Case shell enclosure,compatible USB cable(Length-6inch or more)10
Arduino Mega or equivalentAtmega 2560P – 8 bit AVR family microcontroller ,equivalent or better. Operating Voltage : 5V , Digital I/O Pins : 54(of which 6 provide PWM output), Analog InputPins : 16 Accessories:Case shell enclosure,compatible USB cable(Length-6inch or more)10
RASPBERRY PI 3 Model B+RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B+, equivalent or better. Accessories- Micro SD card-32 GB , USB 3.0 Cable(1meter),HDMI to VGA-1 meter,HDMI to VGA Adapter, case shell enclosure5
Breadboards & Mini BreadboardSolderless 400 pin breadboard30
Solderless 800 pin breadboard20
Self Adhesive Proto Shield20
General Purpose solderable Board, Berg StripsFR2 A Grade Material (140 x 90 mm)30
FR2 A Grade Material (80 x 55 mm)30
Female Berg Strip,2.54mm pitch, 40 pins single row, breakable pin30
Male Berg Strip 40 pins30
16×2 LCD displayDot matrix LDC display with 16 characters x 2 lines,I2C20
USB CablesUSB Cable Set (A to B, 12 inch or more)10
USB CablesUSB Cable Set (A to B, mini 12 inch or more)10
Battery9 to 12 V 2000 – 2500 mAh recharbale battery with 2 chargers.Equivqlent or better10
Resistor Kit One kit contains-30 carbon film resistors of 20 different resistance values each assorted, packaged together and labelled.Wattage-0.125W to 1W . Values: 0Ω,1.5Ω,4.7Ω,10Ω,47Ω,100Ω,220Ω,330Ω,470Ω,680Ω,1KΩ,2.2KΩ,3.3KΩ,4.7KΩ,10KΩ,22KΩ,47KΩ,100KΩ,330KΩ,1MΩ20
Capacitor KitOne kit contains-20 electrolytic capacitors of 10 different capacitance values each.Assorted kit packaged together and labelled. Values:10pF,22pF,100pF,1nF,10nF,100nF,1µF,10µF,100µF,1000µF20
Linear Voltage Regulator7805, 7812,780930
Water Pump moduleDC12V 3W Submersible Water Pump4
Piezoelectric PlateNormal Copper based 4 cm Diameter approx30
8*8 LED Matrix ModuleMax7219 Dot LED Matrix Module Mcu Control LED Display Module10
BluetoothHC 05 Bluetooth module.Voltage rating:5V15
7 Segment Led DisplayLED 4-Digit Display Module Voltage rating:2.4V to 5.5V 4pin interface:Vcc,Gnd,Data,Clock20
GSMSim900 Gprs Transfer Board Micro Sim Gsm Core Ttl Port Module for Arduino4
GPSGY-NEO6MV2 new GPS module4
Laser Diode Emitter650Nm 6Mm 5V Dc 5Mw Mini Laser Dot Diode Module10
LDR Module5mm/12mm,Photosensitive Ldr Light Module Sensor30
KeypadUniversial 16 Key Switch Keypad10
Joy Stick2-Axis joystick with push button option10
Active Buzzersmall 5 volt40
big 5 volt40
Motor driver ModuleL293d10
Sound Playback ModuleISD 1820 voice recording module or equivalent10
DC plastic gear Motors With Wheel12 Volt,150 RPM,side shaft BO(battery operation) motor40
Node MCUESP8266 I2C,1wire,plug and play6
WeMos D1 R2WeMos D1 R2 with WiFi ESP 8266,operating voltage 5V6
Vibrating MotorOperating voltage: 5V,Weight : 10 grams20
Alligator ConnectorsMulti Colour Alligator Connectors – 12 inch200
Battery clips with DC Jack9 volt battery clips with DC Jack40
Hookup Wires Red & Black set 100 Meters each4
Jumper CableMale-Male 1000
Male-Female 600
Female-Female 400
RGB LEDsRegular 5mm 3-5 volt Range400
LEDs (Red)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range1000
LEDs (Green)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range1000
LEDs (Blue)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range1000
LEDs (Yellow)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range1000
LEDs (White)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range1000
Timer IC-LM555LM 555 timer IC,Voltage range 4.5V to 16V30
Atmega16u28bit Micro controller individual IC (DIP) Voltage range:2.7V to 5.5V,Operational range:-40 ͦC to +80 ͦC10
Diode and transistor kitOne kit contains-25 assorted basic diodes of 4 different types each.Types: NPN transistor-2N3904,BC547 PNP transistor-2N3906,BC557 silicon diode-1N4148,Power diode-1N4004/4001. Equivallent or better.Wattage:1W, Current rating 1A. Assorted kit packaged together and labelled3
Button Switch setOne kit contains-100 buttons of different types.Types: Push,Toggle,Rotary.selector and slide switch. Assorted kit packaged together and labelled300
Capacitative Touch ModuleMPR 121 with I2C.Voltage Range:2.5V to 3.6 V DC20
Capacitative Touch Switch ModuleDigital Capacitative Touch Switch Module-TTP223B Voltage range 2V to 5V DC10
IR Sensors, Obstacle avoider sensor moduleLM 393 detection distance:2 to 30 cm dtetection angle 30 to 40 cm 20
Triple Axis Magnetometer3-Axis Magnetoresistive Sensors, I2C Digital Interface, Integrated 12-bit ADC, Range of -8 to +8 Gauss, 160 Hz Maximum Output Rate10
Humidity SensorOperating range: 20 – 95 % RH, Temperature: 0 – 60 Celsius, Power supply: 1.5V AC(Max sine), Operating frequency: 500Hz – 2kHz   10
MQ SeriesMQ – 2 Smoke Detection3
MQ SeriesMQ-3 Alcohol – Ethanol Sensor3
MQ SeriesMQ-4 Methane Natural Gas Sensor3
MQ SeriesMQ-5 Methane liquified gas sensor 3
MQ SeriesMQ-6 Liquified petroleum gas sensor3
MQ SeriesMQ-7 High Sensitivity CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Detector3
MQ SeriesMQ-8 Hydrogen gas sensor3
MQ SeriesMQ-135 Air Quality Sensor3
IR (transmitter) receiver TSOP 1738,Switching rate – 38 KHz, Voltage rating 5V10
Ultrasonic Sensor Module HC-SR-04 or compatibleWorking voltage-DC5V,Working current-15mA,Working frequency-40hz,Range:1cm to 4cm,Affectual angle: < 15 ͦ,Measuring angle:30 ͦ,Resolution 0.3cm40
Triple Axis accelerometer-3-axis sensing, Small, low profile package, 4 mm × 4 mm × 1.45 mm LFCSP, Low Power : 350 μA (typical), Single-supply operation: 1.8 V to 3.6 V, Temperature stability10
PIR Motion Detector ModuleHigh digital pulse when motion detected, Low digital pulse when idle /no motion detected, Sensitivity range (upto 6 m), Power supply: 5V – 12V20
Pulse Rate Heart SensorPulse Rate Sensor Finger Based (finger or earlobe) Working voltage 3-5V4
Relay Module5V 10A 2 Channel Relay Module.Compatible with arduino20
Relay Module5V 10A 1 Channel Relay Module compatible with arduino20
Big Sound Microphone ModuleLarge Electret capsule sound Module10
Big Sound Microphone ModuleLarge Electret capsule sound Module10
Soil Moisture Sensor ModuleFC-28with LM 293 comparator operating voltage 3.3V to 5V6
Touch SensorCapacitive Touch Sensor Module.TTP22X series.Voltage range:2.4V to 5.5V 6
Metal touch sensor moduleKY-036 or equivalent metal touch sensor module6
Rain Drop SensorRain Sensitive , Rain Drop Detection Sensor Module.Voltage range 3.3V to 5.5V, Size-5mm×40mm or equivalent.6
Flex SensorFlex Sensor 2.2 Inches6
Temperature SensorLm35 full range Temperature Sensor.Voltage range 4V to 30V.Error:±0.5  ͦ C6
Temperature and Humidity Sensor ModuleDH11. Voltage range:3V to 5V40
Force Pressure Sensorforce sensitive resistor with a square, 1.75×1.5″, sensing area4
Color Recognition SensorTCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor4
Water Flow SensorArduino Compatible water flow sensor.5V DC Input4
Sound SensorSound Sensor Module, Microphones module10
IR Sensors Arrary for Line Follwing8 IR Sensors Arrary module for Line Follwing.Operating Voltage 5V10
Power Bank10000 Mh 5 volt Power Bank5
RFID Reader – TagsCurrent :13-26mA / DC 3.3V, Idle Current :10-13mA / DC 3.3V, Sleep Current<80uA, Peak Current<30mA, Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz<30mA, Read range between 20 cm to 1 m10
RF Modules Tx & Rx 315 MHz ASKFrequency Range: 433.92/315 MHz,Supply Voltage: 3 – 6 V, Output Power : 4 – 16 Dbm, Low power consumption, Easy application10
Stepper motor with Driver board28BYJ-48 ULN2003 5V Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board10
DC motor12V DC Gear 150 RPM20
Servo motorsPosition Servo Angle based Metal Gear.10
Servo motorsSmall Servo Metal Gear10
Servo motorsContinuous Metal Gear Servo 36010
Servo motorsSmall Servo Plastic Gear40
150 RPM BO Motor150 RPM BO Motor10
L298P Motor Driver L298P Motor Driver Shield or relative Driver Shield10
Servo  Motor TestorCCPM 3 channel Servo Tester4
Robotics DIY KitRobotics DIY kit with programmable intelligent brain/brick. 3
Mechanical (Modular) Construction kitMetal/Plastic mechanical construction kit compatible with electronic equipment.5
STEM learning/application KitDrone Kit1
STEM learning/application KitAerospace Kit1
STEM learning/application KitAutomobile Kit1
STEM learning/application KitBio-medical Kit1
STEM learning/application KitAgritech Kit1
STEM learning/application KitBio-tech Kit1
STEM learning/application KitWater/Sanitation Kit1
STEM learning/application KitOther potential STEM application Kit1

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