Moisture Sensor Module



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Standard assembling struct

High quality connector.

Immersion gold surface.

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INR 295.00

Height 6cm
Width 3.2cm
Depth 0.45cm
Weight 60 gram
Styles Basic
Operating temperature 0-50 °C error of ± 2 °C

DHT11 has a full range temperature compensation, low power consumption, long term stability and calibrated digital signal. A high-performance 8-bit microcontroller is integrated in the sensor with calibration-coefficient saved in OTP memory to provide accurate temperature readings.


  • Standard assembling struct ( two 3mm holes with multiple of 5cm as interval ).
  • User-friendly interfaces ( "A" for analog and "D" for digital ).
  • Icons to simplely illustrate sensor function.
  • High quality connector.
  • Immersion gold surface.

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