New Hanging Weighing Scale 100kg

Hanging Weighing Scale 100kg



New product

  • Easy to use
  • Portability
  • Accuracy - 500gm
  • Useful in weighing tasks
  • Capacity - 100 kg

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INR 1,150.00

Height 4cm
Width 15cm
Depth 22cm
Weight 1.5kg
Compositions Metal
Styles Dial shape

Robohaat offers a range of high design electronic scales, with an innovative edge. It has Compact and robust, 150 mm diameter dial housed in the traditional metal case. Accurate to one part in 250 with up to 15% zero adjustment. Supplied with top and bottom hooks.


Measure weight with complete accuracy and certainity.   Available on robohaat the Dial Weighing Scale is ideal for your home as well as for industrial purposes and will ensure that you can always check the weight with certainity. Weighing scale is an important part of any industry and this compact scale is ideal for your everyday use.


The Dial Weighing Scale is ideal for your use and it is compact and light in weight. It comes in blue and is made from plastic which makes it long lasting and durable. The weighing scale is small and compact in size which makes it easy to be carried anywhere you want to. The weighing scale has high accuracy as well as complete portability. 


This weighing scale is sturdy and is made from the finest material and comes with a hook in the bottom for the hanging dial. This weighing scale is compact and can be carried to your work as well as for your home. It is extremely durable and light in weight making it ideal for your use.

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