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FeaturesType: Electronic Components Power Source: AC, Battery RoHS Compliant Material: Plastic Weight: 60.5
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johnson center shaf 12v dc gear 300 rpm motor:-Specially designed for Robotic applications RPM - 300 Stall Torque 8 kgcm No-load current = 800 mA(Max) Load current = 9 A
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Clamp for johnson center shaf 12v dc gear 300 rpm motor:-Clamp help to hold the motor at their place where it has fixed this motor clamp hold Any johnson center shaft motor suitable  for robotics products
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STEPPER MOTOR NEMA23 10KGCM TORQUE WITH PULLEY:- Ideal Motor for CNC machines and 3D printer applications. Standard Nema23 frame size with pulley. 10.2Kgcm bipolar mode torque. RMCS-1106 is Rhino Motion Controls low cost micro-stepping drive for 1.8deg Bipolar Stepper Motors. It is designed for smooth and quiet operation without compromising on torque...
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