Started in 2013, RoboHaat has gained the reputation of India’s best performing E-commerce website for Robotics and Engineering Equipments.
Anyone who is deeply enthusiastic about Robotics, we provide all kinds of kits and equipments for Humanoid Robots, Wireless and Remote Control and ARM & Gripper mechanism for learners as well as innovators working on Robotics and Electronics. We are working as a kits supplier of ATAL Tinkering Labs and a certified sole supplier for NxR Lab Kits and also offer kits for events held at WRC and IRL and we are an official sponsor of TechnoXian events.
In the Project Kits category, students can chose to buy any project kit they wish to master, and get the package of accessories and equipment, along with detailed instructions and guidelines to assemble the fully working prototype. The kits offer students an opportunity to master robot building without having to bother with unprofessional and unhelpful sources.
The O, A and B level certifications of AICRA Robotics literacy program require finishing a project work towards the earning of a certification. Robotics kits for the same can be purchased at RoboHaat and innovative project work can be done towards the completion of the course.
Kits and Equipment for building Quad-copter /UAV are also available, for those interested in building flying machines. Products in categories of Electronics, Software, Computer and Accessories, Industrial Supplies, Scientific Supplies and Official TechnoXian Merchandise are also available at RoboHaat.
We accept payments through online transaction besides making it convenient for you by our effective home delivery services.