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    Asynchronous serial data transfer interface Fully Compliant with USB Specification v 2.0 Integrated 96 MHz clock generator Host Controller Compatible Integrated USB 1.1 T receiver and 5V to 3.3V Regulator

    INR 220.00 INR 135.25
  • DTMF module

    Compatible with arduino, raspberry pi, arm, avr, pic, 8051, etc - can provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600-ma at voltages from 4 With terminal blocks for connecting motors and power supply and berg sticks for control signals from microcontroller Can control 2 dc motors, their direction using control lines and their speed using pwm

    INR 99.00
  • F232 Rl Usb to Serial Converter

    • Compact USB to serial adapter • BEE (20pin 2.0mm) sockets • 3.3V and 5V dual power output • USB 2.0 protocol 

    INR 415.00
  • RS232 to serial converter module

    The RS232 To TTL Converter Module is widely used in radio modifications, cell phone Flash, XBOX360 Flash detection, GPS, car, DVD Flash, HDD repair, set-top box upgrade.

    INR 135.00
  • Usb adapter

    USB Full-Speed (12Mbps) Bus Powered True Bidirectional Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bits

    INR 400.00
  • rs 232 signal to ttl converter module

    The RS232 serial port to TTL converter module is a board with the MAX3232 transceiver integrated circuit (IC), which facilitates serial communication between TTL and RS232 ports by providing the necessary electrical signal conversion

    INR 160.00
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