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  • Bluetooth Robotics Kit Using Arduino

    Robot kit for all kind of robotics enthusiasts starting from small kids to adults at a very economical cost. It comes along with an integrated Arduino based Robot control board with integrated motor shield.

    INR 999.00
  • Multipurpose Wireless & Wired Robotics Kit

    Easy to use. Easy of build and test. The kit is supported by detailed tutorials for assembly Multipurpose kit to make you expertise in embedded system & Robotics. It can use by students, teachers, and designers also for robotics purpose.

    INR 1,750.00
  • Multipurpose Robotic Kit

    Lowest shipping Price And Fastest delivery Laser cut acrylic platform 2motors, 2 wheels complete set Best suitable for robotic project

    INR 800.00
  • Wireless Robotics Kit

    This robot chassis can be used to construct various robots such as line follower, grid solving robot, wireless controlled robot, PC controlled robot, XBee controlled robot, Bluetooth controlled robot, DTMF robot and many more. The kit is supported by detailed tutorials for assembly,

    INR 1,550.00
  • Autonomous line follower kit

    This is most popular Robotics kit in Indian Robotics Industry . This Kit is outcome of our Hardcore Research expertise to develop cost effective solution for Robotics Workshop companies/Entrepreneurs. This Kit With comes with some additional Sensors & Modules can be programmed for more than 50 Robotics projects. By default it is programmed as Black...

    INR 1,050.00
  • Bluetooth controlled kit

    The Atmega8 Based Bluetooth Controlled Robot is a multipurpose robotics kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics Development Board is made from single sided PTH PCB board to provide extra strength to the connector joints for increased reliability.

    INR 1,050.00
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