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  • Accelerometer Robotics Kit

    Robot kit for all kind of robotics enthusiasts , starting from beginner to expert level at economical cost. It comes along with Arduino Uno, L293D motor drive and accelerometer modules. Accelerometer modules can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration.

    INR 999.00
  • Line Follower Robotics Kit

    Multipurpose robot including motor shield and ir sensors presents Multipurpose DIY kit Robohaat robotics development board based on atmega8. Robot chassis is designed to be used with Arduino and BO motors.

    INR 850.00
  • Line Follower Robotics Kit using Arduino

    The Line Follower Kit Using Arduino Uno is a multipurpose robotics kit. It's multipurpose application helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics and also you can design any type of arduino project using this Arduino uno development board. Easy to assemble 

    INR 900.00
  • Mobile Controlled Robotics Kit

    Robot kit for all kind of robotics enthusiasts, starting from beginner to expert level at low cost. 

    INR 999.00
  • Autonomous line follower kit

    This is most popular Robotics kit in Indian Robotics Industry . This Kit is outcome of our Hardcore Research expertise to develop cost effective solution for Robotics Workshop companies/Entrepreneurs. This Kit With comes with some additional Sensors & Modules can be programmed for more than 50 Robotics projects. By default it is programmed as Black...

    INR 1,050.00
  • AVR beginner kit

    Atmel Studio simulates the AVR core at the assembly language level, and allows viewing and manipulation of all internal registers. HAPsim is a set of virtual devices that plug into AVR Studio. It provides LCDs, LEDs, buttons, and dumb terminals.

    INR 1,945.00
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